Posted on Aug 1, 2019

Driveways Glasgow HQ

Have you had a new driveway installed recently and its great look is being ruined by un-controllable weeds appearing all over the place? Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to advise you with a series of posts on how to finally do something about it.

How to Kill Weeds Permanently on Concrete Surfaces. Examples: Weeds on driveways and paths; stamped concrete surfaces.

The bad news is that if your concrete surface has cracked or chipped and weeds have got through, you may not be able to kill them permanently to get rid of them.

Prevention: When laying a new concrete surface, lay two sheets of weed control or landscape fabric underneath. These will stop weeds from growing through the concrete.

Weeds thrive in damp conditions. Making sure your driveway is sloped enough to allow rain to drain away can help deprive weeds of the opportunity to root.

Cure: If weeds have grown through the concrete, then it’s a case of pulling them up as and when (being sure to get as much of the weed root as possible), and treating the area with a commercial weed killer. If you’ve got pets or are worried about environmental damage, boiling water or vinegar can also kill weeds.

You may also be able to reseal parts of the surface with a DIY concrete repair kit.

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